Located since the 1970’s in the tunnels near Central Station that bear the weight of the train tracks above, and in a neighborhood that’s claim to fame is that it is the birth place of famous Milanese showman Adriano Celentano, Restaurant & Fish Shop “Mercato del Pesce” helps relive the spirit of Old Milan with its counters full of fresh fish and tall arches.
In those years the Milanese wholesale fish market is in Via Sammartini just a few steps away from our shop. The largest wholesale market in Italy, for decades this is the gateway for all seafood products into the city, until the year 2000 when it changes headquarters. Conversely Mercato del Pesce remains to this day a landmark in the neighborhood. Then as now we continue to sell with passion fresh seafood to the Milanese people from our beloved and historic fish shop.
In 2011 the idea is born to create a real restaurant in the shop, a contemporary setting with gray and white undertones on the inside and blue glass on the outside, that creates a glass cube making it seem like an aquarium nestled inside the shop where fresh fish lands from our seas every day. For the creation of its dishes the restaurant “fishes” the precious raw material directly from the counter, a counter that is unequaled in variety, quality and freshness to any other seafood restaurant in Milan and that therefore allows us to offer a wide choice for raw lovers. Lightly seasoned tartares, carpaccio’s and shellfish or French oysters, razor clams and more. The kitchen also offers a menu of cooked dishes that change with the seasons, or you can make a more “personal” choice by simply picking a fresh fish from the counter and have it salt baked or grilled.